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This week in DairyProfit Weekly: Sept. 17, 2012

This week in DairyProfit Weekly:

1) Dairy, feed updates: USDA released Crop Production and World Ag Supply & Demand Estimates reports on Sept. 12, both providing insights and impacts on dairy producer income and costs.


2) California:  Hundreds of California dairy farmers and supporters rallied in Sacramento, Sept. 13, protesting recent CDFA dairy decisions. Ag Secretary Karen Ross said the problems require long-term solutions designed by a new task force.


3) DPW Trends: Dairy and feed price forecasts; California Class 1 prices highest since December 2011; dairy cattle, hay exports down.


4) DPW Numbers: July U.S. dairy export numbers are in. The news is good, but not great.


5) DPW Washington: Rallies, rants and maneuvers dominated the return of Congress after an August recess, with an unorthodox effort launched to force the House Ag Committee’s 2012 Farm Bill proposal to the House floor.


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