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This week in DairyProfit Weekly: Sept. 3, 2012


This week in DairyProfit Weekly:


1) Laboring on: Even though fall is approaching, things are heating up in California. There's a push to join the federal milk marketing order system, and a protest planned over recent CDFA hearing decisions. But, there's no news about a state dairy task force.


2) Dairy exports:  USDA’s latest forecast estimates FY ’12 exports could hit $5 billion, with a small decline in FY ’13 due to lower milk/dairy product supplies.


3) DPW Trends: August federal order class prices are up; July production costs were way up; and an industrial information source sees dairy plant investment up, too.


4) DPW Industry: Court tells PETA California cows are happy.


5) DPW Washington: A ‘Farm Bill Now’ rally is Sept. 12. USDA says 2012 U.S. farm income will be higher, but the fine print shows dairy won't enjoy the bounty.


Later today: USDA’s monthly Ag Prices report was released after DairyProfit Weekly’s deadline. Some of the numbers will help determine the July MILC payment.