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California 4b Milk Price Drops 43 Cents


May 1, 2014 -- The California Department of Food and Agriculture announced the state’s April Class 4b cheese milk price today at $21.73 per hundredweight, down 43 cents from March, $4.81 above April 2013, but a stunning $2.58 below the comparable Federal order Class III price announced yesterday, the largest gap since January 2012 and sure to fuel the Federal order fire in the Golden State. The 4b four-month average now stands at $21.34, up from $15.80 at this time a year ago, $13.69 in 2012, and $15.13 in 2011.

The April 4a butter-powder milk price is $23.31 per cwt., down 6 cents from March but $5.29 above a year ago. The 4a 2014 average is now at $22.97, up from $17.75 a year ago, $15.44 in 2012, and $18.22 in 2011.