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Nov. 12-13, 2014: Dairyland Initiative Workshops


Announcing the upcoming Dairyland Initiative Workshops! November 12, 13 & 14 at the Stoney Creek Inn in La Crosse, WI

Daily schedule and program details can be viewed in the online brochure, also attached to this email. Online registration is now open at www.vetmed.wisc.edu/ce; see the brochure for registration by phone or fax. Up to 20.7 veterinary continuing education credits are available for this program from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. Each day is limited to 40 participants so be sure to sign up soon!

Wednesday, November 12: Improving Calf Barn Air Quality through Positive Pressure Tube Systems and Barn Design

As many dairies move away from hutches and into calf barns, positive pressure tube systems have emerged as a basic
tool to improve respiratory health in calf barns. Dr. Ken Nordlund will present on the deficits of common ventilation
systems in calf barns, management of air quality and cold stress to minimize respiratory disease in calves through
building design and management, and teach principles of positive pressure tube systems.

Dr. Rebecca Brotzman and The Dairyland Initiative staff will lead participants through hands-on exercises to learn to
use the Positive Pressure Tube Calculator to create specifications for example barns, and will be listed on The Dairyland
Initiative website as trained consultants in positive pressure tube design for calf barns following the workshop.
Participants will also leave this workshop with field-ready skills to improve respiratory health in calf barns.

Thursday, November 13: Positive Pressure Tube Design for Ventilation & Heat Abatement of Milking Center Holding Areas

It is common practice to combine moving air and soaking for effective heat abatement, yet holding areas remain the
hottest spot on the dairy. Drs. Ken Nordlund and Nigel Cook will present problems in holding area cooling, and how
positive pressure tube systems provide a lower energy, effective solution for heat abatement.

Participants will learn how to use the Dairyland Initiative's Positive Pressure Tube Calculator with hands-on help from
The Dairyland Initiative staff to assist in learning the program through design examples. Following the workshop,
participants will be listed on The Dairyland Initiative website as trained consultants in positive pressure tube design for
holding area heat abatement.

Friday, November 14: Planning New & Remodeling Existing Housing for Dairy Cows

From basic farm and barn layout issues to the details of stall design, so many aspects of building or remodeling a dairy
barn can affect cow well-being and performance, ease of management, and a farm’s bottom line.

Using The Dairyland Initiative website that combines research with clinical experience to provide practical
recommendations for barn design, Dr. Nigel Cook will walk through the steps to create facilities that make your cows
happy, healthy and productive. Participants will learn to use The Dairyland Initiative’s partial budget calculators to
show that the decision makes economic sense while keeping cow comfort in mind. Participants will also work with others
from across the industry to design an “ideal barn” using the concepts learned from the day’s presentation.

Program questions may be directed to:

Courtney Halbach, Associate Instructional Specialist for The Dairyland Initiative

Phone: (608) 262-6800

Email: chalbach@wisc.edu

Registration, Transportation & Accommodation questions may be directed to:

Karl Olson, Continuing Education Program Assistant

Phone: (608) 265-5206

Email: olsonk@vetmed.wisc.edu

We hope to see you in November!