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PDMP Summer Summit at Yippee Farms shows multiple ways to improve production


The Professional Dairy Managers of PA (PDMP) is hosting it’s second ‘Summer Summit’ on August 7, 2014; this time at Yippee Farms in Mt Joy in Lancaster County, PA.

Yippee Farms, operated by Arlin Benner and his family, is an ideal dairy to demonstrate how innovation and creativity can make up for facility constraints. “It never ceases to amaze me what Arlin comes up with to make his cows just a little more comfortable or to get a few extra bushels out of his fields,” says Tony Brubaker, of neighboring Brubaker Farms in Lancaster County and PDMP President. “I know attendees of the Summer Summit will take home ideas, and inspiration that they’ll find useful at their own operations.”

Attendees will rotate between stations throughout the operation as technical experts address management practices and innovations that Arlin Benner and his team use to compensate for the older, and sometimes awkward, facilities with which they have been working.

After a barbeque lunch sponsored in part by Mycogen Seeds, attendees will have the chance to tour Yippee’s methane digester and talk with an immigration law specialist about hiring practices.

Registration for the all day program on August 7th, begins at 8:00 a.m. and the first breakout session will start at 9:00 a.m.  Advance registration is encouraged. To register, call the PDMP Registration Office at 877-326-5993 or go to the Events page at www.pdmp.org to download a registration form. The registration fee of $75 for non- PDMP members and $25 for PDMP Members is required for registration and includes the BBQ lunch.

The ‘Summer Summit’ is part of the Professional Dairy Managers of PA’s ongoing commitment to offer top-quality educational development programs to help improve the productivity and profitability of the state’s dairy industry. Attending workshops such as these help producers keep abreast of the latest technologies and management techniques, and provide important networking opportunities. Registration for this packed program are kept low with the support of sponsors including: American Farm Products, Farmer Boy Ag, Fulton Bank, Homestead Nutrition, Keystone Concrete Products, Lancaster Veterinary Associates, RCM International, Stewart-Peterson and Mycogen Seeds.