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This week in DairyBusiness Update: April 15, 2013


This week in DairyBusiness Update:

1) NDPC: Dairy policy took lead role at National Dairy Producers Conference

2) Trends: Milk forecast lowered, price projections raised; fluid sales, California Class 1 prices down

3) Numbers: All dairy trade numbers better in February

4) Industry: IDFA says dairy can be ‘competitive’; ‘Refuel’ strategy working

5) Washington: Dairy has big stakes in immigration policy reform, RFS standard


Next Wednesday in DairyBusiness Weekly:

• Bigger and better: Expanded National Dairy Challenge draws more students, programs

• Is $4 corn possible? That and more from National Dairy Producers Conference

• Headed abroad: 2013 starting strong for dairy-related exports

• DSA producer impact analyzed, NMPF’s Chris Galen discusses

• Successful Convention Sale and Spring Show held in Ontario

• Northeast Youth Show Calf Summit held at Cowtown Holsteins

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