Dean Foods issues corporate responsibility, sustainability progress reports

Dean Foods released its 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report, including details of the company's environmental sustainability goals. The new 2020 goals expand the company's focus to more areas of sustainability, align with the broader dairy industry timing for greenhouse gas reductions, and better reflect customer expectations and consumer demands, the company said.

The goals are a revision of the company's previous 2013 Environmental Roadmap. The expansion aligns with the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy's comprehensive industry goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020. At its current pace, the company would miss its 2013 greenhouse gas and water goals due to unforeseen volume declines and more water-intensive processes from an expanding product portfolio, a common occurrence across the food industry. 

The company said it has reduced solid waste 21%, increased recycling by more than 50%, and exceeded a goal of reducing distribution fleet carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 50,000 metric tons. 

Other highlights include:

Dean Foods is an Energy Star Partner and has ranked as one of the top two consumer products companies on the Carbon Disclosure Project's Leadership Index for the past three years. The company publishes a comprehensive Corporate Responsibility Report every two years and will share more information on the new 2020 goals when it releases the 2012 report later this year.

The 2012 Dean Foods Corporate Responsibility Report is available online at