CVM testing milk replacer products for Salmonella

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is analyzing samples of commercial milk replacer products to test for Salmonella. The effort is designed to provide information on the prevalence of Salmonella and the serotype/genetic fingerprint/antimicrobial susceptibilities of each Salmonella isolate found in commercial milk replacer products.

According to a website post, FDA is concerned about animal feeds and feed ingredients serving as vehicles for transmitting Salmonella serotypes that are pathogenic to animals, potentially causing illness in animals that consume the feed. Young animals are generally the most susceptible to Salmonella infections. 

CVM assigned field staff to collect samples of milk replacer products from unopened bags in dry powder form at commercial feed stores and mills in major dairy regions of the country. A total of 100 samples will be analyzed. CVM will use 80% of its resources to test milk replacer products for calves, 10% for piglets and 10% for lambs. 

As part of the sampling program, FDA will also document interstate commerce; labels and labeling materials; and the address and contact information of milk replacer product manufacturers.