Dairy producer coalitions applaud Congress for Goodlatte-Scott support, despite Farm Bill failure  

Laurie Fischer, Executive Director of the Dairy Business Association (DBA), released the following statement on behalf of DBA and the Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative (DBMMC), the Dairy Policy Action Coalition (DPAC), the National All-Jersey, Inc. (NAJ) and the North East Dairy Producers Association, Inc. (NEDPA) regarding the strong bi-partisan support and passage of the Goodlatte-Scott amendment:


"Our coalition deeply appreciates and thanks members of the House of Representatives for recognizing the need for reform and adoption, on a vote of 291-135, to make necessary changes to current dairy safety net programs. The amendment will help grow our economy through the elimination of the Dairy Market Stabilization program also known as the supply management program. Instead, the amendment provides a modern dairy insurance program that doesn't interfere with milk production or the dairy market and allows producers flexibility to purchase insurance based on their own risk tolerance. This modern dairy insurance program will cost the government less, save taxpayer dollars and help businesses focus on investment and job creation.

The coalition greatly appreciates the tremendous overwhelming bi-partisan support that was shown in favor of the amendment from members of the House from around the United States. In particular, we wanted to thank Representatives Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and David Scott (D-GA) for their leadership and sponsorship of the amendment and all the amendment co-sponsors. A very special thank you to Speaker Boehner, for his leadership on the massive support in passing this amendment in the House of Representatives. The efforts of those who spoke in favor of the amendment during the floor debate, and those who worked to help us win this vote by working with their colleagues were very much appreciated.

Although the House failed to adopt the Farm Bill, on a vote of 195-234,  the adoption of this amendment to the Farm Bill demonstrates the momentum is strongly against supply management for the dairy industry. We will continue to fight to ensure passage of the Farm Bill by the entire Congress without inclusion of a supply management provision."