Dairy Processors On Board With Dairy Title

Dairy Processors On Board With New Farm Bill
   The International Dairy Foods (IDFA) has given the compromise dairy title a thumbs-ups. A posting on its website stated: "IDFA commends the Farm Bill conferees for their hard work and we congratulate them on reaching a compromise that represents historic reform of our nation’s dairy policies. The agreement establishes a new margin insurance program for dairy farmers, which was included in both the House and Senate bills, and rejects the effort to have our government limit milk supplies. This is a major step toward moving our dairy industry away from the failed agriculture policies of the past and toward policies of the future that will enable our entire industry to grow and capture new markets.” 
   IDFA states that “The conference report is good news for consumers of dairy products who will not be forced to pay unnecessarily higher prices, and good news for dairy farmers who will receive an effective and efficient safety net to help them through hard times, without our government telling them how much they can produce.  The conference report rejects a proposed new regulatory burden on dairy food manufacturers and will allow dairy companies, particularly those that are now exporting about 15% of the milk produced in this country, to continue to grow and create thousands of new jobs.”