NMPF offers 2012 Dairy Data Highlights

Just as in baseball, the best teams in dairy production track and use statistics to ensure their success. The best compilation of dairy statistics is now available in the latest edition of the National Milk Producers Federation’s Dairy Data Highlights.

Dairy Data Highlights is a collection of 53 tables and 19 graphs that provides state-by-state and national metrics on all aspects of milk production from the recent past through 2011. This includes cow numbers, feed costs, relative prices, the sales of milk and dairy products, the difference between farm and retail prices, and trends in dairy products production. The booklet also tracks export and import information. Dairy Data Highlights has been published annually by NMPF for more than 60 years.

Dairy Data Highlights is available to NMPF member cooperatives and associate members for a per-copy price of $7.50 for orders up to 10 copies, and $5 per copy for orders larger than 10. For non-members, the per-copy price is $10.00 up to 10 copies, and $7.50 each for more than 10.

To order copies of the booklet, e-mail the information below to kgibsonwhite@nmpf.org.


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