DairyBusiness Weekly launches next Wednesday


Next week Wednesday, producers who have signed up to receive DairyBusiness Weekly will receive the launch issue of the new digital-only magazine.

If you have supplied your email to DairyBusiness or HolsteinWorld at any point in time, you will receive the very first issue on Nov. 14, with an option to keep receiving DairyBusiness Weekly, or unsubscribe. If you’re worried you are not on our email list, and would like to be, you can subscribe by clicking here, email subscribe@dairybusiness.com with “DairyBusiness Weekly” in the subject line, or call toll-free 1.800.334.1904 ext. 244.

For an idea of what you'll be receiving each Wednesday in your inbox, view the sample issues below. If you have feedback, please email the editor, Kayla Jentz at kjentz@dairybusiness.com

For a more detailed description of DairyBusiness Weeklysee our press release