WUD releases milk marketing order report

Western United Dairymen (WUD) director of economic analysis Annie AcMoody has prepared a report comparing federal and California milk marketing orders. The analysis can be downloaded by clicking here.

Due largely to an outgrowth of criticism regarding the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s handling of the state’s Class 4b minimum milk pricing formula, WUD hosted a federal order informational meeting on Sept. 20. The meeting featured Bill Wise, marketing administrator of the Arizona and Pacific Northwest orders.

AcMoody’s report lists “facts” and “concerns” on a variety of issues surrounding differences between federal and California orders, including: depooling, quota, order hearing processes, order structure and geographic boundaries, milk pricing formulas and structure, producer distributors, milk diversions, fluid standards and more.

Other informational resources are also available from the WUD website (www.westernuniteddairymen.com/), including three videos of the Sept. 20 informational meeting.

• The first video highlights the talk by Wise. 

• The second video focuses on questions from a panel, consisting of Eric Erba, California Dairies, Inc.; Tom Wegner, Land O’ Lakes; Bill VanDam, Alliance of Western Milk Producers; and AcMoody.

• The third video shows audience participation. 

Also, questions were submitted after the meeting. Bill Wise provided answers to those questions, which can be viewed by clicking here.