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Central order: 3.5% of farms marketed 50% of milk

~~Central order: 3.5% of farms marketed 50% of milk
   A relatively small number of dairy farms make up a disproportionate share of Central federal milk marketing order total milk marketings, according to the milk marketing administrator's latest Marketing Services Bulletin. Milk marketing data for October 2013 shows 34 of the largest farms accounted for 25% of Central order marketings for the month. Each of these farms marketed more than 6.729 million lbs. during the month.
   Half of the milk on the Central order in October 2013 was accounted for by including the next 73 farms – these farms had marketings between 2.782 million - 6.729 million lbs. Thus, 3.46% of the farms marketed 50% of the milk during October 2013.
   There were 1,547 farms (down from 5,727 farms in October 2002) which marketed less than 100,000 lbs. on the order in October 2013. These producers accounted for approximately 50% of the farms – but less than 6% of the milk marketed.
   For more information, visit http://www.fmmacentral.com/PDFdata/msb201312.pdf.