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Congress in Recess, What Can You Do?

Congress to Recess for Month of August with NO Action  on Farm Bill.  Please Contact Your Members of Congress to Urge Passage When Work Resumes in September


As Congress goes into their month-long August recess, the fate of the 2013 farm bill remains uncertain. While the House and Senate have passed separate bills, no conference committee meetings between the two sides have occurred and conferees have not yet been appointed. If no final agreement is reached by the end of September, the current farm bill will expire.


As Members of Congress are back in their states and districts for the month of August, it is crucial that they hear grassroots contact from you about the critical importance of final action on the farm bill and of the Dairy Security Act being included in the final farm bill conference report.  The Senate bill contains the DSA, but the version the House passed on July 11 does not; it contains the Goodlatte-Scott measure, which strips out the market stabilization component from the DSA. 


What can you do?  

Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121, or email
them.  Watch for them at County and state fairs, town hall meetings, their local offices, etc.


We need a new farm bill, not another extension; we need the Dairy Security Act in that farm bill, not the Goodlatte-Scott language; and the DSA will be the best approach to dairy policy for farmers, consumers and taxpayers alike.   


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Dana Brooks, dbrooks@nmpf.org, John Hollay Jhollay@nmpf.org or Ryan Bennett rbennett@nmpf.org.

Source: Washington State Federation Newsletter, August, 2, 2013