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Southern Plains cotton acreage abandonment at 40%

Southern Plains cotton acreage abandonment at 40%
Dairy farmers seeking cottonseed won't be getting much help from the Southern Plains. While official survey numbers haven’t been released, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert estimates South Plains cotton abandonment will be about 40%.
Mark Kelley, AgriLife Extension cotton specialist, said conditions have actually improved slightly from a couple of months ago. Like most of Texas, the region had a cooler-than-normal spring and late freezes, while remaining areas were locked in the stranglehold of drought. There was also hail, high winds and blowing sand. Many dryland and re-plantings of hailed-out or blown-out fields were late, bumping right up against the crop insurance planting deadlines.
Kelley noted there hasn’t been anything resembling “typical” for years, but typical abandonment rates are about 25%. And, in the last few years, a larger percentage of cotton is being planted dryland, which usually has a higher abandonment rate. Currently, about 53% to 57% of the region’s cotton is dryland, he said.
The region typically produces about 60% to 65% of the state’s cotton. This year, there were 3.7 million acres planted in the South Plains, according to Kelley. Visit http://agrilife.tamu.edu/drought/.