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Happy Mothers Day Dairy Moms!

Happy Mothers Day! We spoke to Carla Wardin, an active mom, dairy farmer and strong advocage for dairy farmers everywhere.


Dannon Decides to Go "GMO Free"

Dannon announced they will source only non-GMO milk by 2018. Chris Galen of the National Milk Producers Federation joined us on Thursday's DairyLine to discuss.


R-Calf Sues USDA Over Beef Checkoff

The Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America (R-Calf USA) field suit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), alleging that the agency's Beef Checkoff tax is being unconstitutionally used. Bill Bullard, R-CALF USA CEO, joined us on today's DairyLine t


Revisiting the Silage Circle

Keith Bolsen joined us on Thursday's DairyLine to explain the Silage Circle. Listen here!


Dairy Groups Thank Senators For Urging Action on EU Trade Deal

The dairy industry today praised a bipartisan group of 26 senators for urging U.S. negotiators to address the needs of agriculture - including key dairy issues - in any free trade agreement with the European Union. NMPF's Chris Galen updated us on Thursday's DairyLine.


Plan Now For Heat Stress

Hot summer weather is still a few months away. But Dr. Jamie Jarrett, Dairy Technology Manager for Phibro Animal Health, says now is a good time for producers to consider measures to reduce the risk of dairy cow heat stress.

Feed Facts with Mike Hutjens

Raising Heifers is the second most expensive input costs and Dr. Mike Hutjens has the latest data on raising heifers in 2016.


Congress Urged to Challenge WHO Proposal

The National Milk Producers Federation and International Dairy Foods Association urged members of Congress to request more analysis over a World Health Organization proposal  seeking to discourage parents from feeding toddlers dairy products. NMPF's Chris Galen joined us for an update.


Colostrum Management Tips

Colostrum managment is the topic of this month's "We Care For Calves" radio segment with Dr. Tom Earleywine, director of nutritional services with Land O' Lakes Animal Milk Products.


Securing Feed in 2016

Bryan Doherty, senior commodity market advisor at Stewart-Peterson, Inc., joined us on Wednesday's DairyLine to discuss the latest market factors that could move feed prices higher.


Introducing Calves to Starter

Bethany Fisher, calf and heifer specialist with Purina Animal Nutrition joined us on Tuesday's DairyLine to discuss the tips on how to introduce calves to starter and the role water plays.


Building Your Milk Check

This week's Feed Facts segment with Mike Hutjens focuses on current feeding economics.


Market Talk

FC Stone's Bill Brooks joined us again on Friday's DairyLine.


USDA Tweaks Margin Protection Program

USDA announced several improvements in the new safety net program for dairy farmers. Chris Galen from the National Milk Producers Feder


Butter Up, Then Down

Spot butter at the CME opened the week up a nickel, but dropped a dime Tuesday to close at $2.07. We spoke to FC Stone's Bill Brooks before between the two trading sessions.


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