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Connecting With Consumers

Charlie Arnot with the Center for Food Integrity joined us on today's DairyLine to preview his upcoming presention at the PDPW Annual Business Conference next month.


MPP Update

More than half of the nation's dairies have signed up for the second year of the Margin Protection Program (MPP). Chris Galen of the National Milk Producers Federation joined us on today's DairyLine with an update.


Tools For Building Tomorrow's Super Cow

Next week's World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA features a dairy seminar focusing on genetics and reproduction for tomorrow's dairy operation. "Breeding Your Herd in the 21st Century" features a line-up of impressive speakers from 10am-3pm, Wednesday, Feb. 10th. One of those speakers is


Market Talk

FC Stone's Bill Brooks joined us on Tuesday's DairyLine to discuss the latest market news.


Seminar Focuses on Genetics and Reproduction for Tomorrow

DairyBusiness/HolsteinWorld presents a special seminar on the show grounds of World Ag Expo next week, Wednesday, Feb. 10th from 10am-3pm The seminar is titled "Breeding Your Herd in the 21st Century."

Paul Loney, director of sales & marketing at Trans Ova G


Water Issue Keeps Bubbling Up

Peggy Armstrong of the International Dairy Foods Association joined us on Wednesday's DairyLine to recap the recent Dairy Forum held in Arizona. (listen below the text).

We are just back


OmniGen-AF Supports Higher Profits

Dr. Dennis Nuzback, Dairy Technology Manager with Phibro Animal Health joined us on Mondays DairyLine to discuss why feeding OmniGen-AF every day helps support a healthy immune system. Here's a transcript of Mondays' segment. Listen to the complete interview below.



Feed Outlook

Univ. of Illinois Mike Hutjens shares the latest feed outlook.


Class Action Lawsuit Continues in the Northeast

Mike Eby, Pennsylvania dairy producer and board chair of the National Dairy Producers Organization, updated DairyLine listeners on the class action lawsuit in Vermont between Northeast dairy producers and DFA, DMS.


Not a Warm Outlook for Dairy Producers

Eric Meyer of High Ground Trading Group joined us on Friday's DairyLine.


Silage Man Making Full Recovery

Keith Bolsen, professor emeritus at Kansas State, is recovering and back on the road, nearly four months after suffering a heart attack while taking a stress test. He joined us on today's Silage Solutions radio segment to discuss.


Milk Prices Soften

Milk prices are lower to start the year. National Milk's Chris Galen joined us on today's DairyLine to recap the latest Dairy Market Report, provided by DMI/NMPF.


A Healthy, Profitable Cow is a Comfortable Cow

Kevin Dole of FutureCow joined us on today's DairyLine to launch a new segment called "Cows, Comfort and Beyond."


HR Training For Your Operation

Part three of our conversation with Iowa State's Melissa O'Rourke, who is presenting a seminar on HR Training, sponsored by PDPW, Feb. 2-3, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin. More details: http://pdpw.org/library


Market Talk With Bill Brooks

FC Stone's Bill Brooks joined us on Tuesday's DairyLine to discuss the markets.


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Mike Hutjens, Univ. of Illinois

National Milk Report

Chris Galen, NMPF

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Dave Kurzawski, FC Stone

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Peggy Armstrong, IDFA
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Alan Levitt, USDEC
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Bill Brooks, FC Stone
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Dairy Outlook

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