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Dairy Groups Respond to Non-GMO Movement

Dairy groups led by the National Milk Producers Federation are branding a long-term effort to engage with consumers and food companies on the issue of GMO's and sustainability. NMPF's Chris Galen tells us more on today's DairyLine.


The Importance of Cow Comfort

How important is cow comfort for our young calf development? Recent research says it is very important in impacting future growth and performance. Kevin Dole, owner of Future Cow joined us on today's DairyLine to discuss. 


Scours: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Dr. Vicky Lauer, Professional Services Veterianarian with Animart, LLC joined us on today's "Your Bottom Line" segment to discuss a big issue on the dairy farm, scours. 


Calf Cold Stress is Upon Us

As seasonal temperatures begin to fall, it's time to prepare your calves for colder weather. Dr. Dari Brown of Purina Animal Nutrition offered some cold stress tips on today's DairyLine.  


Horizon Organic Honors NY Farm For Quality

Stephen and Hope Galens of Galens Homestead Acres in Clifton Springs, N.Y. won the National Quality Award from Horizon Organic. Stephen joines us again for part 2 of our conversation. 


"The Big Book of Moo" Benefits DHIA Scholarships

The National DHIA is selling The Big Book of Moo by Leigh Rubin to benefit their scholarship program. Leigh Rubin tells us more on Friday's DairyLine.  


Electrolytes For Young Calves

This week's Feed Facts segment with Dr. Mike Hutjens focuses on electrolytes for young calves. 


Dairy Groups Challenge Dannon Yogurt Over Non-GMO Stance

The National Milk Producers Federation and other dairy groups are challenging Dannon Yogurt. NMPF's Chris Galen joined us to discuss on Thursday's DairyLine.


Planning With Automatic Calf Feeders

There is plenty to consider when preparing nutrition for an automatic calf feeder. Tom Earleywine of Land O' Lakes Animal Milk Products offered more tips in this month's We Care For Calves radio segment.


Favorable Feed Prices

Patrick Patton, President of Stewart-Peterson, Inc. joins us again to discuss the latest feed prices and how to prevent emotions from influencing future decisions. 


Cornerstone Dairy Academy Preview

PDPW CORNERSTONE DAIRY ACADEMY™ will be held March 14-15, 2017  in Madison, Wisconsin. Deb Reihhart with the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation joined us for a preview.


Benchmarking Your Calves

Why is benchmarkign calves and heifers an important investment? We posed that question to Gary Geisler, calf and heifer specialist with Purina Animal Nutrition. 


Legume and Grass Forage Outlook

Dr. Mike Hutjens joined us again this week to discuss the latest outlook regarding legume and grass forages. 


DCHA Gold Standards Offers Detailed Info to Members

Members of the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association have new benchmarks available for raising calves and heifers. Sarah Hill spoke with Lane Sollenberger, president of the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association (DCHA) at World Dairy Expo. 


Study Shows Billions in Losses in EU's Seizure of Common Food Names

Surrendering to a European Union seizure of common food names would cost the U.S. dairy industry billions of dollars, according to a new study. Chris Galen of the National Milk Producers Federation fills us in on today's DairyLine. 


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