Mar 2016 Milk Prices Class I: 13.78 Class II: 13.57 Class III: 13.74 Class IV: 12.74 Calif 4a: 12.41 Calif 4b: 13.24 May 24, 2016 CME Spot Prices Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 2.0800 Change: -1.0000             Block Cheese Settled/lb: 1.3400 Change: 2.0000             Barrel Cheese Settled/lb: 1.3925 Change: 3.2500             NFDM Grade A Settled/lb: 0.7825 Change: -1.7500             Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 2.0900 Change: 2.0000            

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NAAB TO HOLD 70TH ANNUAL CONVENTION and 26TH BIENNIAL TECHNICAL CONFERENCE                The National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) will ...

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May 28

Shelby, NC Guernsey Promotion Sale - Carolina Edition at Cleveland County Fairgrounds

June 2

Chicago IL Party at the Park, Wrigley Rooftops; Cubs Vs Dodgers! 10:30- 11:00am Hospitaliy, 11:00am Auction, 1:20pm Game time

June 7

Bloomfield, IA Jo-Ed Complete Herd Dispersal, "Featuring 30 head of red and white fancy heifers". Sale managed by Courtney Sales.

June 13

Mechanicsburg OH Guernsey Gathering Promotion Sale at Land of Living Farm