Aug 2014 Milk Prices Class I: 23.87 Class II: 15.92 Class III: 22.25 Class IV: 23.89 Calif 4a: 23.83 Calif 4b: 19.96 Sep 16, 2014 CME Spot Prices Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 3.0025 Change: 0.2500 Block Cheese Settled/lb: 2.3950 Change: 2.5000 Barrel Cheese Settled/lb: 2.4050 Change: 4.5000 NFDM Grade A Settled/lb: 1.3350 Change: -1.2500 Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 3.0000 Change: Unchanged
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September 16
Bleeding Slowing in Global Dairy Trade?
September 16, 2014 — Today’s Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction saw the weighted average for all products unchanged, following the 6% plunge in the September 2 event, 0.6% decline August 19, 8.4% loss August 5, and 8.9% in session before that. Powder was up fractionally today, rennet casein was up 1.3%, following a drop last […]
$3 Butter a 50/50 Chance
September 12, 2014 — $3 Butter is a 50/50 Chance, according to Jerry Dryer, editor of the Dairy and Food Market Analyst, in Friday’s DairyLine. Dryer laughed when asked about Penn State’s Jim Dunn referencing the dairy market as “schizophrenic” in the last month. Dryer said “It’s more a case of indecision, as things haven’t solidly […]
House Bill Blocks EPA’s Latest Attack on Ag
September 9, 2014 – The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 5078, the Waters of the United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act, by a vote of 262-152. This legislation prohibits the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers from finalizing and enforcing a proposed rule that would redefine “waters of the United States” […]
Cash Butter Soars to $2.99
September 9, 2014 – The cash butter price at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange set another record today, rising another three cents to $2.99 per pound. It’s the highest cash price ever on the CME. The price sky rocketed 11.5 cents Monday. “There seems to be a little bit of a panic out there as far […]
NMPF Launches Online Calculator to Help Farmers Select Coverage Levels
ARLINGTON, VA – The National Milk Producers Federation today launched an online, downloadable calculator to help farmers select coverage levels under the new federal dairy safety net, known as the Margin Protection Program for dairy (MPP). The calculator is located at The calculator allows farmers to enter their own milk production and commodity price […]
Enjoy it While it’s Here
September 5, 2014 – As we reported earlier in the week, the New Zealand Farmer says Russia’s ban on food imports from Europe is contributing to the fall in dairy prices, according to economists. Prices fell 6% in Tuesday’s Global Dairy Trade auction and the U.S. dairy market has long pulled away from the world market, […]
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Bill Baker
Prepare For Future with MPP Safety Net
September 16, 2014 – Dairy producers across the country are researching and contemplating whether the new Margin Protection Program is right for their business. We asked Stewart Peterson’s Bob Devenport why producers would want to enroll in the program when margins for feed and milk are the best they have ever been this year.  
White Gold Getting Rave Reviews in Pennsylvania
September 15, 2014 – Mike Eby is a Pennsylvania dairy producer and National Dairy Producers Organization board member. Eby’s mission is to bring a higher standard of milk to his area and across the country, the same as what producers sell in California. He calls it White Gold and he shares with us the response he’s been […]
Snaplage is an Appealing Feed
September 12, 2014 — This week’s Feed Facts segment with Dr. Mike Hutjens focuses on the benefits of snaplage.