Jun 2014 Milk Prices Class I: 22.86 Class II: 23.94 Class III: 21.36 Class IV: 23.13 Calif 4a: 23.19 Calif 4b: 19.07 Jul 24, 2014 CME Spot Prices Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 2.6200 Change: Unchanged Block Cheese Settled/lb: 1.9875 Change: -5.2500 Barrel Cheese Settled/lb: 1.9975 Change: -3.5000 NFDM Grade A Settled/lb: 1.6750 Change: Unchanged Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 2.6200 Change: 4.0000
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July 25
Bullish or Bearish?
July 25, 2014 – Bullish or Bearish? That was the question posed that question to HighGround Trading dairy broker Eric Meyer in Friday’s DairyLine, questioning his analysis on last Friday’s June Milk Production report which he said, fed the bears and not the bulls, but his take on Tuesday’s Cold Storage report gave a slightly different […]
GMO’s: Farmers Are the Best Messengers
July 24, 2014 — As more states require labeling of foods made with genetically modified ingredients, Congress is being pressured to pass a law regulating the controversial technology found in much of the U.S. food supply. The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) continues to track the issue both from a policy and marketing standpoint after […]
Corn Price Premiums Fading
July 16, 2014 — That’s the message from Dr. Darrel Good of the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois, in his recent FarmDocDaily posting. Corn was the primary focus of the agricultural commodity complex beginning in the 2006-07 marketing year and continuing through the 2012-13 marketing year. Corn prices during […]
Help For Rural Californians Suffering From Drought
by Tom Vilsack, Ag Secretary July 19, 2014 — This week, I visited the small town of Cameron Creek Colony in Tulare County, California and saw firsthand the challenges drought poses, particularly for those living in rural communities. About 10 percent of Cameron Creek Colony residents have no access to water because their wells have […]
June Milk Production Up 2%
July 18, 2014 — The Agriculture Department’s preliminary data issued this afternoon in its latest Milk Production report, shows June milk output in the top 23 producing states at 16.177 billion pounds, up 2 percent from June 2013. The 50-state total, at 17.265 billion pounds, was up 1.9 percent from a year ago. Revisions added […]
We’re “Kinda Divorced” From World Market
July 18, 2014 — U.S. dairy product prices appear to amaze traders but clouds are appearing on the “price horizon.” Jerry Dryer’s recent Dairy and Food Market Analyst warned that global milk production will overwhelm demand for the next five years, according to a recent analysis by Goldman Sachs. We talked about those clouds in […]
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Bill Baker
Hershey’s Creamery Unveils Self-Serve Milkshake Machine
July 24, 2014 — Hershey’s Creamery Co.  is making their milkshakes and smoothies more accessible with the new Shake Shop Express, a self-serve frozen drink blending machine. Shake Shop Express is a quick way to get consistently delicious, portion-controlled milkshakes and smoothies on the go. Mark Scharlau, Central Region Vice President tells us more on […]
Shredlage: A New Way of Harvesting Corn Silage
July 23, 2014 — Dairy producers have expressed interest in feeding corn as Shredlage™. University of Wisconsin’s Dr. Randy Shaver shares with DairyLine listeners the latest results after conducting feeding trials to see what makes it tick inside the cow.    
Cutting Edge Dairy at Empire Farm Days
July 22, 2014 — Empire Farm Days is Aug. 5, 6 & 7 at Rodman Lott & Son Farms in Seneca Falls, NY. Manager Melanie Wickham joined us on today’s DairyLine with a preview.