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Butter's Wild Roller Coaster Ride

The CME spot butter price ended last week down 20 cents Friday to $2.50 per pound. This, after sky rocketing past last year's record price earlier in the week. Stewart-Peterson, Inc. analyst Bob Devenport joined us on today's DairyLine to discuss.

An Economic Model Doesn't Think

Concerns that a Federal Order in the nation's #1 milk producing state could hurt other dairy producers across the country. Rob Vandenheuvel, general manager of the Milk Producers Council discussed the topic on today's DairyLine.

What's New at ADSA?

Mike Hutjens gives us an update on the latest with the American Dairy Science Assn.

A Couple of Deadlines Coming Up

This week National Milk's Chris Galen reminds us of a couple of deadlines coming up. One is enrollment for the Margin Protection Program. The other is NMPF's joint annual meeting in Orlando.

Dealing With Constant Price Uncertainties

How do you deal with constant price uncertainties? We posed that question to Patrick Patton of Stewart-Peterson, Inc. as we head to the Corner of Strategy and Discipline.

Top Feeding Practices For Calves

Dr. Shiela McGuirk from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison shares her insights on top feeding practices for calves.

FMMO Hearing Could Take Some Time

The hearing process is underway to explore the possible formation of a Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) in the Golden State. The process will likely take weeks or maybe even months until all testimony is received.Rob Vandenheuvel, general manager of the Milk Producers Council joined us on Frid

MPP Enrollment: Crunching the Numbers

Producers are mulling over their enrollment options for next years Margin Protection Program. University of Illinois' Mike Hutjens joined us on Friday's DairyLine to discuss.