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DPAC, DBA members tag team on Capitol Hill

DPAC, DBA members tag team on Capitol Hill
Dairy farmers representing producers in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Ohio joined forces to make visits on Capitol Hill in support of the House Dairy Title in the Farm Bill. Members of the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association (WIDBA) and the Dairy Policy Action Coalition (DPAC) made visits to Senate offices to discuss concerns about the Dairy Market Stabilization Program (DMSP) currently in the Senate version of the Farm Bill that would require farmers to agree to reduce production in order to participate in a margin insurance program.
The farmers urged Senate conferees to follow the lead of the House of Representatives to include Farm Bill language that allows farmers to participate in a margin insurance program without being required to participate in the DMSP.
"The growing export markets are critically important to the future of the U.S. dairy industry," explained Alan Kozak, a dairy producer from Ohio.  "Quota requirements in the DMSP would harm this growth by sending the wrong message to our global trading partners."
The producers explained that export sales are setting new records and any federal policy should encourage continued growth, not damage it.
Conferees are expected to meet again this week