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USDA opens bids for ‘Greek’ yogurt school pilot

USDA opens bids for ‘Greek’ yogurt school pilot
USDA’s Farm Service Agency is accepting processor bids to procure high-protein yogurt products for a new pilot program for schools. USDA will launch the pilot in New York, Arizona, Idaho and Tennessee, but yogurt manufacturers from any area of the country are invited to submit bids.
The pilot stems from a request last year by U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and other members of Congress to consider adding “Greek” yogurt to the USDA list of foods state agencies can order with USDA food entitlement funds, including those used for the National School Lunch Program.
According to the International dairy Foods Association, the current school nutrition standards, which went into effect last year, encourage school menu planners to use high-protein foods that are low in sodium, like low-fat and fat-free yogurt to satisfy the meat and meat alternate component in meals.