Harvest Time Means Changes in Forage Quality
September 29, 2014 –Harvest time can mean changes in forage quality that can have a negative impact on cow health and productivity.  Joining us today on DairyLine Radio is Jamie Jarrett, a Dairy Technology Manager for Prince Agri Products.  Listen to the interview here: Bill Baker: Dr. Jarrett, what are the forage quality challenges that […]
Feed Prices Strong
September 26, 2014 — Feed prices remain strong for dairy producer as we head into the fourth quarter of 2014. Mike Hutjens, dairy extension specialist at the University of Illinois updates us in this week’s Feed Facts segment.  
Diagnosing BRD
September 24, 2014 — Dr. Theresa Ollivet from the University of Wisconsin joined us on today’s DairyLine to discuss bovine respiratory disease and ways to combat it.  
Blocks & Barrels Heading in Different Directions
September 23, 2014 — The CME cash cheese market is seeing quite a spread between the blocks and cheddar barrel cheese price this week. FC Stone dairy economist Bill Brooks joined us on today’s DairyLine to discuss.  
The Rest of the U.S. Should Follow California Milk Standards
September 22, 2014 — California has done it right, and the rest of the nation is doing it wrong when it comes to the standard and flavor of milk. That’s according to Pennsylvania dairy producer Mike Eby, who also serves on the board of the National Dairy Producers Organization. He joined us for part two […]
Trending: Feeding Calves 3X Per Day
September 18, 2014 — We continue to discuss the impact and benefits of  3x a day feeding with Dr. Tom Earleywine, technical services director at Land O’ Lakes Animal Milk Products. This podcasts focuses on the labor aspects of adding a third feeding to the routine of your operation.
PDPW’s Dairy’s Visible Voice
September 17, 2014 — The popular Dairy’s Visible Voice™ - Leadership development through effective communication is designed to enhance one’s leadership skills in the dairy industry through improved communication. PDPW executive director Shelly Mayer tells us more in this “Your Bottom Line” podcast: The track “Leadership Through Active listening” is our focus for this session and […]
Prepare For Future with MPP Safety Net
September 16, 2014 – Dairy producers across the country are researching and contemplating whether the new Margin Protection Program is right for their business. We asked Stewart Peterson’s Bob Devenport why producers would want to enroll in the program when margins for feed and milk are the best they have ever been this year.  
White Gold Getting Rave Reviews in Pennsylvania
September 15, 2014 – Mike Eby is a Pennsylvania dairy producer and National Dairy Producers Organization board member. Eby’s mission is to bring a higher standard of milk to his area and across the country, the same as what producers sell in California. He calls it White Gold and he shares with us the response he’s been […]
Snaplage is an Appealing Feed
September 12, 2014 — This week’s Feed Facts segment with Dr. Mike Hutjens focuses on the benefits of snaplage.