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Congress Approaching Lame Duck Session

Congress is getting ready for the upcoming election and lame duck session. The big question, will anything get accomplished. Chris Galen of the National Milk Producers Federation joined us to discuss. 


PDPW Offers Food & Policy Summit

PDPW presents a Food & Policy Summit, October 25-26 in Madison, Wisconsin. PDPW Executive Director Shelly Mayer gave us a preview on today's DairyLine.


More Cows Added to the Herd

FC Stone's Bill Brooks joined us on Tuesday's DairyLine to discuss the latest herd movement and feed situation. 


Choosing the Right Teat Scrubber

Kevin Dole with Future Cow joined us on today's DairyLine to discuss the variety of teat scrubber brushes available. 


Vilsack Discusses Dairy Support at Senate Ag Committee

Agricutlure Secretary Tom Vilsack says he's done everything he can to support the dairy industry. He also discussed the latest research efforts with foot and mouth disease, and the new federal GMO labeling law. 


Cover Crops Add Value

Winter serial grains, turnips, and radishes can be a valuable stragegy on dairy farms. Dr. Mike Hutjens joines us to discuss cover crops. 


United Nations Discusses 'Superbug' Threat

The United Nations General Assembly voted to take a broader look at antimicrobial resistance. National Milk's Chris Galen joined us on today's DairyLine to discuss. 


PDPW Offers New Educational Programs

Margins are tight and dairy producers are hunkering down looking for solutions they can control. PDPW's Shelly Mayer joined us on today's DairyLine to tell us what new exciting educational programs are being offered. 


August Milk Production up 1.9 Percent
Milk production in the 23 major States during August totaled 16.7 billion 
pounds, up 1.9 percent from August 2015. July revised production, at 16.9 
billion pounds, was up 1.7 percent from July 2015.  The July revision 
represented an increase of 48 million pounds or 0.3 percent from last
The Benefits of Automatic Calf Feeders

Matt Costigan, calf and heifer specialist with Purina Animal Nutrition, joined us on today's DairyLine to offer his keys to successful calf raising program with automatic calf feeders. 


Study: Increased Stocking Rate Challenges Nitrogen Leaching Assumptions

A two-year study conducted in New Zealand found that more cows per grazing arae led to less nitrogen leached to ground water, challengin assumptoins on stocking rate. Dr. Ken Olson of the Ameircan Dairy Science Association tells us more. 


Rubes "Big Book of Moo" Benefits NDHIA

The National DHIA is excited to partner with nationally known cartoonist Leigh Rubin with a new, unique book called "The Big Book of Moo" Leigh joined us on DairyLine to discuss.


Weather Challenges With Forage Crops

Heavy water in some areas, drought in others. Dr. Mike Hutjens checks the crops related to the recent weather. 


FARM Webinar Series Scheduled

Dedicated farmers. Healthy cows. Wholesome milk. That’s what the National Dairy FARM Program is all about. Webinars have now been announced for FARM, or Farmers Assuring Respons


Water Legislative Issues Continue to Abound

Dennis Frame of Timber Ridge Consulting joined us again to discusss how dairy producers are dealing with water regulations. 


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