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USDA Buys Surplus Cheese

The nation's huge surplus of cheese is helping put pressure on milk prices, but a move by USDA may help ease the pressure somewhat. Chris Galen of the National Mil


Katy Coba Resigns as Oregon Director of Agriculture

Katy Coba, a fifth generation wheat farmer from Pendleton, Oregon has resigned as the Director of Agriculture for Governor Kate Brown after thirteen and a half years in this position. She has served for Governor's Kulongoski, Kitzhaber and Brown during her reign.

Leadership Growth in All Facets of Life

More with Hank Wagner on how to become a better leader.


Purina Herdsmart Radio: Providing Water to Calves

Jason Leonard, calf and heifer specialist with Purina Animal Nutrition joined us on this month's Purina Herd Smart Radio segment to discuss tips on providing water to calves.


July Milk Production Up 1.4%

Milk production in the 23 major States during July totaled 16.8 billion
pounds, up 1.4 percent from July 2015. June revised production, at 16.7
billion pounds, was up 1.6 percent from June 2015.  The June revision
represented an increase of 9 million pounds or 0.1 percen


Lessons Learned in Mexico

Dr. Mike Hutjens recently visited a few dairy operations in Mexico and joined us on Friday to discuss.


NMPF Requests USDA to Implement Cheese Buying Program

The National Milk Producers Federation is requesting the USDA to purchase millions of pounds of cheese in a buying program that would benefit both dairy famers and Americans who rely on food banks. NMPF's Chris Galen explains on today's DairyLine.


Understanding Milk Marketing

It's been said a lack of understanding is what keeps some farmers form embracing marketing. We discussed the issue with Patrick Patton, CEO of Stewart-Peterson, Inc.


All Great Leaders Are Readers

We continue our series on becoming a better leader with Hank Wagner, Wisconsin dairy producer and leadership trainer.


Highlights From Latest WASDE Report

The milk production forecast for 2016 is lowered from last month as growth in milk per cow is reduced.

However, the production forecast for 2017 is raised as higher forecast milk prices and lower feed costs in late 2016 and 2017 are expected to lead to a modest expansion in the cow inve

Dairy Outlook

Penn State dairy economist James Dunn shares his latest dairy outlook.


Back to School Time

Back to school already? Yup, many schools are gearing up for another year soon, and that means extra demand for dairy products. FC Stone dairy economist Bill Brooks joined us on Friday's DairyLine.


Feed Prices Going Down

Dr. Mike Hutjens runs down the latest feed prices.


Prepare Now For Joint Annual Meeting in Nashville

Every fall, the National Milk Producers Federation organizes a joint annual meeting with the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board (NDB) and the United Dairy Industry Association (UDIA).


What Do You Want in Life?

Part two of our interview with Hank Wagner, Wisconson dairy producer and leadership trainer.


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