Mar 2014 Milk Prices Class I: 23.64 Class II: 24.22 Class III: 23.33 Class IV: 23.66 Calif 4a: 23.37 Calif 4b: 22.16 Apr 17, 2014 CME Spot Prices Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 1.8900 Change: Unchanged Block Cheese Settled/lb: 2.2800 Change: 5.7500 Barrel Cheese Settled/lb: 2.2575 Change: 7.0000 NFDM Grade A Settled/lb: 1.8650 Change: -2.5000 Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 1.9000 Change: -3.0000
Daily News
April 18
Market Recap – Cheese Rally During Short Week
April 18, 2014 — Last Friday’s small cheese price rally turned into a sustained recovery this week and reversed 3 weeks of declines. The cash blocks tacked on another 5.75¢ this morning on 4 sales, ending the Good Friday holiday-shortened week at $2.28/lb. The 1st 3 sales were at $2.2325/lb., with the 4th sale at […]
Don’t Let Your Taste Buds Fool You
April 17, 2014 — “It’s not real dairy if it’s made from a bean, a seed, a nut, or a weed,” says DairyUS, the animated Real Seal character, in his latest video. The video is a reminder to consumers that only real dairy products have the same nutrition they have come to know and love […]
USDA Helps Expand Export Markets
April 16, 2014 –  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) awarded funding to more than 60 U.S. agricultural organizations to help expand commercial export markets for American products. The funding was made available through the 2014 Farm Bill. USDA will begin accepting applications for […]
Cheese Spread Narrows
April 15, 2014 — The spread between the block and barrel cheese price was a concern up until yesterday, when the barrel price shot up 8 ¾-cents to narrow the spread with the blocks to under two cents. “With the amount of price decline that we have seen with both the blocks and barrels the […]
Inspiring Tomorrow’s Dairy Leaders Today
April 14, 2014 — There’s an event that brings together the best and the brightest collegiate students who are diligently studying for a career in the dairy industry: The North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge. 264 dairy science students from 37 universities participated in the unique two-day competition at Ohio State University earlier this month. “Certainly […]
The Sky is NOT Falling
April 11, 2014 — Go away Chicken Little, Jerry Dryer, editor of the Dairy and Food Market Analyst says it’s a “classic cheese market. It overreacts, going in either direction.”    Speaking in Friday’s DairyLine, Dryer said “It was probably too high, too long and now we’re facing a correction.” He added that a “swift […]
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Bill Baker
NDF Values in Feeding Programs
April 18, 2014 — This week Dr. Mike Hutjens looks at NDF, Neutral Detergent Fiber, and why it is so important in dairy ration feeding programs.  
The Importance of Colostrum Management
April 17, 2014 — You can probably best summarize colostrum management in three words – adequate, clean and timely. Dr. Tom Earleywine, the technical services director for Land O’ Lakes Animal Milk Products explains in this month’s “We Care For Calves” podcast:  
Keep Your Eye on the U.S. Dollar
April 16, 2014 — Even though milk prices are holding strong –  change is inevitable, according to Matt Mattke, Market360 Analyst with Stewart-Peterson, Inc. He tells us why we should be watching the value of the U.S. dollar and the correlation the dollar has with Class III Milk prices.