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August milk output up 2.6%

August milk production in the 23 major dairy states totaled 15.73 billion lbs., up 2.7% from August 2012. It’s the fifth month in a row monthly output exceeded the same month a year earlier.
Nationally, August production was estimated at 16.84 billion lbs., up 2.6% from a year ago. July’s preliminary estimate was revised upward slightly, to 16.08 billion lbs., up 1.3% from July 2012.
Checking the top producers, August 2013 production was up 2.7% in California, the first time since June 2012 that production exceeded the same month a year earlier. Wisconsin was up 1.7%; Idaho was down 0.7%; New York was up 4.2%; Pennsylvania up 3.5%; and Minnesota was up 1.9%.
Among the 23 major dairy states, only two states showed production declines compared to a year earlier: New Mexico (-1.2%) and Idaho (-0.7%). Largest percentage increases were in Kansas (+8.8%), Iowa (+8.0%), Florida (+6.9%), Arizona (+5.5%), Michigan (+3.9%) and Texas  (+3.3%).
The next Milk Production report will again include milk cow numbers and output per cow, data that was suspended due to sequestration.