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BouMatic Future Vision Shared with Dealers



BouMatic Future Vision Shared with Dealers

Madison, WI - The future vision of BouMatic, the only US end-to-end manufacturer of dairy equipment, is being shared at 11 regional and international meetings held around the globe. The meetings kicked off in Syracuse, NY, April 8-10, followed by a meeting in America’s Dairy Land at BouMatic’s global headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. BouMatic dealers will hear President Bob Luna and other experts train them to help dairy producers find solutions to all their dairy production problems not just their equipment problems. In releasing many exciting new products, dealers and dairies will benefit from the results of Luna’s vision: "It’s up to BouMatic to come up with the technology that can help dairy producers be more efficient, effective and productive."

BouMatic is forging the success of the dairy industry by training its global network of 1000+ dealers to help dairy producers consider the benefits of technology to milk their cows "gently, quickly and completely." Dealers will be trained to give dairy producers the improved tools to calculate the total ownership costs, and evaluate the potential return in order to make informed decisions.

"Strategic Dealer designations will be awarded to dealers who exemplify our philosophy of providing excellent customer service to dairy producers to develop an end-to-end solution from BouMatic focused on the health and welfare of the cow," said President Bob Luna. Strategic Dealers demonstrate commitment to the rigorous BouMatic principles of caring for cows and providing a full line of services and programs to assist the dairy producers reach their goals. Using BouMatic University’s 100+ courses on milk quality and dairy management, dealers train their personnel to help dairy producers examine all aspects of their dairies to produce the highest quality milk profitably.