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French Research Institute Partners With BouMatic

A Leading French Research Institute Chooses BouMatic as "Dairy Sector" Partner

REMICOURT, BELGIUM– BouMatic®, dairy equipment and chemical manufacturer, has been chosen as the partner for the "Research unit into animal feed most beneficial to dairy cows" at the ARVALIS Plant Institute, a French applied agricultural research organization. ARVALIS chose the solutions provided by their BouMatic dealer Proval, and in particular the investment in a 22/24-stall Xpedia™ IX internal rotary system for their dairy unit, and has achieved impressive results since they started using this milking system.

In May, a BouMatic delegation, led by President Bob Luna, and 35 BouMatic dealers from Western Europe visited the French research centre at the ARVALIS experimental station of La Jaillière (Loire-Atlantique), as part of a training program between BouMatic and its dealerships.

Bob Luna, BouMatic President, and Pierre-Vincent Protin, ARVALIS Forage Production Manager

Created and managed by farmers, the ARVALIS Plant Institute focuses mainly on agricultural research to improve the competitiveness and profitability of farming activities and operations. The organization has four hundred employees on 35 sites throughout France. The ARVALIS site of La Jaillière houses an experimental dairy farm and has three main research objectives: obtain new references in the feed value of animal forage and the performance of rations most beneficial to dairy cows, optimize the organization of work on a dairy farm, and achieve a high level of environmental performance.

"The choice of a BouMatic milking system by this highly regarded research institute demonstrates that our philosophy, namely to milk cows comfortably, quickly and

completely, is essential to best milking practices, and it is a goal sought by specialists in the dairy world", noted Bob Luna during his visit. "The ARVALIS research centre is considered to be a recognized and respected leader in France. We are very proud to be its partner for dairy activities and, in conjunction with our dealer Proval who delivered quality installation of all equipment, we shall enjoy an on-going and fruitful collaboration," he continued.

About one hundred cows are milked on the ARVALIS dairy farm of la Jaillière using a 22/24-stall Xpedia IX internal rotary. The milking results are impressive: over 9,500 liters per cow annually. The system is fitted with the BouMatic identification system, the new Escorter™ crowd gate, seven sort gates and three BouMatic scrapers. The rotary parlor is controlled by the SmartDairy® Management System that helps dairy farmers control and monitor all their activities and improve their milking results. "Our SmartDairy herd management program will help us implement our experiments on studying the performance of rations distributed to our dairy cows," explains Pierre-Vincent Protin, ARVALIS Forage Production Manager.

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Founded in 1939, BouMatic has been a major player in dairy technology, and manufactures durable, high-quality milking systems along with milk cooling systems, teat cup liners and hygiene and sanitation products. The company continues its aggressive investment in product research and development and remains an undisputed world leader in dairy farm technology.

BouMatic supplies dairy farmers in over 45 countries and employs more than 400 people worldwide. Its global headquarters are located in Madison, Wisconsin, United States and its European headquarters are at Remicourt in Belgium. For more information, please visit www.boumatic.com You may also visit the Proval website www.proval-systeme.fr