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Hershey's Self Serve Milkhake Machine

HARRISBURG, PA-July 15, 2014 - The Hershey Creamery Co., manufacturer of Hershey’s® Ice Cream, has
served real, premium milkshakes since the 1930’s. Now Hershey’s® Ice Cream is making their milkshakes and
smoothies more accessible with the new Shake Shop Express, a self-serve frozen drink blending machine.
The Shake Shop Express program is a means for Hershey’s® Ice Cream to stay current with the recent sensation
in frozen drinks and consumers’ fast-paced lifestyles. Shake Shop Express is a quick way to get consistently
delicious, portion-controlled milkshakes and smoothies on the go. Blending a drink takes only one minute and
is easy to do, so anyone can make a shake. Shake Shop Express has an array of flavors from traditional Vanilla,
Chocolate, and Strawberry to Peanut Butter Cup, Green Mint Chip, Cookies & Cream, Brownie Batter,
and Cake Batter, all made with real Hershey’s® Ice Cream. New flavors that will soon join the mix are Mocha
Chocolate Chunk Blenjava®, as well as Strawberry Banana and Wildberry Fresh Fusion Smoothies.

Shake Shop Express can be found at various locations like Convenience Stores, Medical Centers, Colleges
and Universities, and Tourist Attractions. The program includes a blending unit, display cabinet that highlights
products with LED lights, and alluring signage. Set up of Shake Shop Express is simple, all that is needed
is a drain, water and power supply. Hershey’s provides maintenance and complimentary equipment upgrades to
ensure a labor-free product that generates a new revenue stream for businesses.

Shake Shop Express is unlike any project Hershey’s has generated and the company is enthusiastic for its outcome.
Tom Holder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Hershey’s stated, “We are very excited to launch
such an important program for our 120 year old company. Shake Shop Express has opened doors for new opportunities
like no other program we have developed in decades. For a very affordable fee, our current customers
can become much more competitive in the frozen dairy drink market. The initial reactions and resulting success
have greatly exceeded our expectations. The most rewarding comment we are hearing is “These taste great!””
Clientele rejoice for how easy it is to provide and make tasty, real Hershey’s shakes.

Hershey’s has been committed to delivering top-quality products and will continue to do so with Shake Shop
Express. For more information about Shake Shop Express, visit hersheyicecream.com/ssefan. Hershey’s Creamery
Co. is not affiliated with Hershey’s Chocolate.