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February 1, 2013



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RFS Proposed 2013 Volume Requirements Released


EPA issued yesterday a notice of proposed rules for 2013 renewable fuel volumes. The agency kept total renewable fuel and total advanced biofuel at the Congressionally applicable volumes of 16.55 and 2.75 billion gallons. EPA lowered the cellulosic biofuel production for 2013 to 14 million gallons, and EPA had earlier set biodiesel at 1.28 billion gallons.


This means a significant increase in the volume requirements for advanced biofuels and biodiesel. This increase sends a strong, positive signal to domestic ethanol plants that can convert to advanced biofuel production using grain sorghum. However, the proposed advanced biofuel standard also potentially allows even more Brazilian ethanol imports, which would be detrimental to the entire U.S. ethanol industry in today’s reduced fuel market. NSP looks forward to weighing in on the proposed rule.


Sorghum U is Headed to Nebraska


Back by popular demand, Sorghum U will be headed to Kearney, Neb., in February. The conference, sponsored by the Sorghum Checkoff, Sorghum Partners, High Plains Journal and Abengoa Bioenergy, is set to take place Feb. 19 at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center. To register for the conference, visit sorghumu.com.


CSP Sign-Up Delayed


National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Acting Chief Jason Weller has announced program sign-ups for the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) will be delayed due to the agency’s funding challenges. NRCS has chosen to wait until Congress grants more funding before beginning the sign-up process.


CSP is designed to help farmers and ranchers manage existing conservation projects and implement new ones on their land. The delay in sign-ups is due to a continuous resolution, which provides funds only to March 27. Weller said until appropriations committees come out with new numbers, the program does not have enough funds to begin a sign-up process.


Senate Plan Seeks to Ease Citizenship Path for Farm Workers


The proposed bipartisan framework for comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate includes a new agricultural worker program that would make it easier for undocumented farm workers to become legally employed. In exchange for increased border security and other provisions, the program would be part of a larger package aiming to create a pathway to citizenship for all illegal aliens while also providing businesses the ability to hire seasonal workers in a timely manner when U.S. workers are not available to fill jobs. To read more about the proposal, click here.


Complete the 2012 Census of Agriculture


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack would like to remind producers to fill out the 2012 census of agriculture, which provides the agency with uniform, comprehensive and impartial agriculture data for every county in the U.S. Census forms were mailed in early January and are due Feb. 4, 2013. Farmers can return their forms by mail or online by visiting www.agcensus.usda.gov.


Upcoming Sorghum Events


Feb. 5Chromatin sponsored Grain Sorghum Producer Meeting, Modesto, Calif.

Feb. 6Lubbock Southwest Farm and Ranch Show, Lubbock, Texas

Feb. 6Grain Sorghum Workshop, Lubbock, Texas

Feb. 7Potter County Grain Sorghum Conference, Amarillo, Texas

Feb. 19Sorghum U, Kearney, Neb.


Northwest Oklahoma Grain Sorghum Educational Program Series

Feb. 1Enid and Guthrie, Okla.


Kansas Sorghum School

Feb. 5Salina, Kan.

Feb. 6Greensburg, Kan.

Feb. 7Hillsboro, Kan.

Feb. 12Oakley, Kan.

Feb. 13Tribune, Kan.

Feb. 14Ulysses, Kan.


OSU Extension Sorghum Meeting

Feb. 6Chattanooga, Okla

Feb. 7Weatherford, Okla.


Market News - To view this week’s Gulf export grain report, clickhere.


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