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U.S. export volumes slightly lower in October


Source: U.S. Dairy Export Council
Overall U.S. dairy exports were slightly lower in October (vs. September) – down by about 2% by volume and down fractionally by value (daily-average basis).
NDM/SMP shipments (33,107 metric tons) continue to decline: down 5% vs. September and the lowest since July 2010. In the third quarter, half the volume went to Mexico, while about a quarter went to Southeast Asia.
Cheese exports (19,149 mt) were up slightly from September, but were still down by nearly one third since peaking in May. Total whey volume (39,495 mt) was down slightly for the fourth straight month. In a bit of a reversal, dry whey improved on recent months, posting the best figure since June, while WPC exports declined compared with recent months, registering the lowest figure since March. On the other hand, butterfat volume (4,018 mt) posted its highest figure since May, coming in 43% above a year ago.
Total dairy export value in October was $412.9 million, up fractionally from a year ago. Year-to-date value is $4.388 billion, up 11% from last year. With two months to go, U.S. exports remain on track to top $5 billion in 2012.