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MPP Needs Tweaking

The Margin Protection Program needs some tweaking. That was just one of the issues Randy Mooney, Chairman of National Milk Producers Federation shared with some lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week. NMPF's Chris Galen joined us to discuss.


Soybean Meal Taking Off

Dairy producers are facing challenging times with milk and feed prices. Matt Mattke, commodity team leader at Stewart-Peterson, Inc., joined us to discuss.


The Importance of Vet Client Patient Relationship

Dr. Katie Mrdutt with the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association joined us on Wednesday's DairyLine to discuss VCPR, Veterinary Client Patient Relationship.


Center For Food Integrity

Charlie Arnot, CEO for the Center for Food Integrity joined us for an update. More info at FoodIntegrity.org


April Milk Production Up 1.2 %

U.S. Milk production in the top dairy states was up 1.2 % in April, according to statistics released by USDA. FC Stone's Derek Nelson commented on DairyLine.


China Update

Mike Hutjens just returned from China and tells us about it in this week's radio segment.


Child Nutrition Program Up For Reauthorization

Child Nutrition is being discussed on Capitol Hill. Chris Galen of the National Milk Producers Federation joined us on Thursday with an update.


PDPF Grant Deadline Fast Approaching

Deb Reinhart, executive director of the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation tells us about an imprtant deadline coming up to apply for a grant to help the dairy industry in your area.


HerdSmart Radio: Weaning Strategies

When should calf raisers begin to wean calves? Purina Animal Nutrition's Gary Geisler joined us on DairyLine to discuss weaning strategies and the why grower should be included for a successful transition.


Preparing For Heat Stress

Dr. Jamie Jarrett, Dairy Technology Manager for Phibro Animal Health, joined us again on DairyLine to discuss important steps producers can take to protect their herds during the hot, humid weather.

Jamie Jarrett:  It’s important to cool the cow’s environment. We


Cows Suffer From Heat Stress Earlier Than Humans

Heat stress is being discusses as much of the country prepares for warmer weather. Dr. Mike Hutjens joined us on Friday's DairyLine to discuss.


Dairy Groups Urge White House to Change WHO Guidelines

We've been reporting this week on the potential guidelines by the World Health Organization discouraging toddlers from consuming dairy products. National Milk's Chris Galen say the U.S.dairy industry has wrote letters to Congress and the White House trying to reverse the proposal.


Low Milk Prices Continue

Gary Sipiorski, dairy development manager with Vita Plus, joined us on Wednesday's DairyLine


IDFA: WHO Wrongly Portrays Milk and Dairy Products

The World Health Organization, knowns as WHO, is the main UN agency solely dedicated to improving the health of people around the world. That is why it is surprising that a recent proposal discourages dairy products in young children's diets. John Allan, IDFA's VP of Regulatory Affairs an


Feed Facts: High Quality Hay

Dr. Mike Hutjens discusses the ecnomic impacts of hay in this week's Feed Facts radio report.


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