Silage Management: Safety Should Be Top Priority
April 24, 2014 — What’s the number one problem/issue with silage management? Safety, according to the “Silage Man” Keith Bolson. He explains why you have nothing to lose by consistently protecting workers, livestock, equipment, and property. At harvest, filling, and feeding does not occur without thought, preparation, and training. Listen to the Silage Man’s complete radio podcast here, […]
Road Ready: Putting Your Business Financials in Gear
April 23, 2014 – In case you missed PDPW’s  World Class Webinar today with expert Dr. David Kohl, you can plan for part two next month. Kohl is President of AgriVisions, LLC and business coach and also part owner of Homestead Creamery. He provides the latest news on global economics and trends in agriculture, and during the second webinar, producers […]
The Value of Everyone Getting Together
April 21, 2014 — The importance of having everyone at the table at the same time is the focus of our “Make the Connection” podcast this month with Randy Schmidt, owner/partner of S&S Jerseyland Dairy, Dennis Schueller and Randy Marx, consulting nutritionist from CP Feeds, along with dairy team facilitator Kristy Pagel of Diamond V.
NDF Values in Feeding Programs
April 18, 2014 — This week Dr. Mike Hutjens looks at NDF, Neutral Detergent Fiber, and why it is so important in dairy ration feeding programs.  
The Importance of Colostrum Management
April 17, 2014 — You can probably best summarize colostrum management in three words – adequate, clean and timely. Dr. Tom Earleywine, the technical services director for Land O’ Lakes Animal Milk Products explains in this month’s “We Care For Calves” podcast:  
Keep Your Eye on the U.S. Dollar
April 16, 2014 — Even though milk prices are holding strong –  change is inevitable, according to Matt Mattke, Market360 Analyst with Stewart-Peterson, Inc. He tells us why we should be watching the value of the U.S. dollar and the correlation the dollar has with Class III Milk prices.  
Lower SCC Scores in DHI Herds
April 15, 2014 — Dr. Duane Norman, retired from USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, joined us on today’s DairyLine Radio program to discuss the latest in Somatic Cell Counts in DHI herds.  
Progress Being Made on Efficiency Traits
April 14, 2014 — Brett Haines with CRV USA stopped by the DairyBusiness broadcast booth to share the latest developments with CRV.
Finding The Missing Milk
April 11, 2014 —  The bottom line is to manage forage quality and availability to find that missing 3-5 pounds of milk. Dr. Mike Hutjens, extension dairy specialist at the University of Illinois, explains in this week’s Feed Facts podcast.  
Countdown to Quality
April 10, 2014 — Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. is working with the Beef Quality Assurance program to provide more cattle producers and veterinarians access to their BQA Certification modules. Dave Korbelik, director of U.S. cattle marketing, explains why its important to sign up before April 15th in this DairyBusiness Podcast.